We help progressive organisations change the world

GOZER Creative creates impact branding, campaigns, publications, video, animation, and digital platforms to shape attitudes, change behaviours, raise money, advance ideas, and inspire action for making the world a better place.

Since 2006, we’ve worked with hundreds of Government Agencies, NFPs, Businesses, and NGOs who tackle the planet’s toughest challenges in public health, social cohesion, community safety, sustainability, education, human rights, and economic justice.

We use this deep issue expertise and our multidisciplinary capabilities to help those who positively shape the world generate support and accomplish their mission.

Creative | Technology | Production

  • Brand experience + identity design
    (concepts, logo, visual language, style guide)
  • Art Direction + multichannel graphic design
    (publication, campaign, digital, social, outdoor)
  • TVC, video, animation, sound, photography production
    (script-to-screen, on location + on-site studio)
  • Digital design, development + storytelling
    (UX, UI design, IA, front + back-end dev)

Strategic Communications

  • Workshops + focus group facilitation
  • Brand architecture + identity development
  • Behaviour change + issue campaign development
  • Audience profiling, message framing, concept testing

Brand Experience, Identity + Campaign Development

GOZER Creative’s strategy-first creative approach helps you find the right way to develop your brand experience, amplify the power of your content, and produce moving campaigns. We interrogate research, define audiences, workshop positioning, simplify complex topics, frame messages, and test ideas before deciding what to do and in what order to drive engagement with your call to action.

Art Direction + Multichannel Graphic Design

The multichannel expertise of our in-house art directors and designers allows GOZER Creative to faithfully transform your strategy into accessible, culturally relevant, and aesthetically compelling visual media across all mediums and platforms. Our coaching and tailored guidelines will also help you apply and govern your identity system so you can speak with one voice across diverse audience touchpoints.

Video, Animation, Sound, Photography Production

GOZER Creative’s in-house script-to-screen production services provide clients a one-stop-shop at our studio in central Melbourne and on location across Australia. We also leverage our art directors and designers to heighten animation, lift post production, repurpose creative into multichannel content, and work with media buyers to optimise assets for diverse distribution channels.

Digital Design, Development + Storytelling

This field synthesises GOZER Creative’s expertise in technology and digital communication. We use the best tools in the smartest ways for Web Design (persona setting, user experience design, user interface design, information architecture, wireframing); Web Development (front-end + back-end); and Digital Storytelling (through infographics, data visualisation, dynamic content, and textural video).