Our Team

Our team is comprised of talented, multi-skilled practitioners. With a reputation for being patient, attentive listeners and clear, practical communicators, they thrive on cultivating open dialogue with our clients.


James Armstrong – Co-owner / Creative Director

Linked In          +61 0417 326 215

James established Gozer in 2006, and is the leading hand on Gozer’s video and animation work, having honed his storytelling skills in over 20 years of documentary, drama, comedy and animation production.


Luke Donovan – Co-owner / Creative Director

Linked In          +61 0407 359 909

With over 19 years of industry experience, Luke has developed a distinctive and considered body of work across multiple communication channels. Luke leads Gozer’s design team across brand identity, digital, campaign identity and publication based projects.


Mohammad Fallaha – Technical and Development Lead

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Mohammad’s 15 years’ experience working expertly across both ‘front-end’ development and the complex maze of ‘back-end’ coding ensures he delivers elegant and robust online experiences every time.


Della Butler Studio Co-ordinator


Della provides a methodical and enthusiastic approach to all things project management, ensuring a smooth and efficient exchange between clients and the broader Gozer team.


Adam Kostick – Strategy Director and Business Development

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Adam draws on over 15 years of European and Australian communications expertise to generate mainstream engagement for organisations creating a more liveable, inclusive, and sustainable society.


Lauren Conti – Designer and Animator


Lauren’s enthusiasm and passion for meaningful design, along with her adaptable and varied skill set sees her enhance projects across a range of disciplines from print and digital design to motion graphics and animation.


Sonja Petrovic – Designer 


Sonja has an unwavering love of all things typographic and along with her keen eye for detail and a discerning palette, strives to achieve a dynamic and thoughtful outcome for each and every design project.


Paolo Russo – Developer


Paolo is an accomplished web developer proficient in PHP, mySQL and Javascript, focusing this expertise on transforming beautifully designed interfaces into user-friendly and functional websites.

Our Extended Family

Outside of the the senior team we have a wonderful collection of talented collaborators and contractors who are a core part of our our family. They look at words, pictures or moving images with us, and always have our back. Although we like to keep everything in-house we know there are only so many hours in the day, so if your project requires some additional hands, or minds, we’ll make sure the right person is here for you along the way.