Our senior team is comprised of talented, multi-skilled practitioners. With a reputation for being patient, attentive listeners and clear, practical communicators, they thrive on cultivating open dialogue with our clients.


James Armstong 
– Co-owner / Creative Director

+61 0417 326 215

With over fifteen years of storytelling experience, James embraces creative challenges with enthusiasm, passion and an eye for detail.

Balancing a blend of imagination and strategy, James guides the creative course for a diverse range of clients, while managing people, resources and time to get the best (and most appropriate) outcome for every project.

James is a current member of the Australian Graphic Design Association and his films have screened in festivals around the world.

With a penchant for narrative, unusual sense of humour and poetic design sensibility, James strives to create unique, moving and aesthetically compelling stories.


Luke Donovan 
– Co-owner / Creative Director

With sixteen years of professional design experience, Luke has developed a unique, considered and intelligent approach to design, image making and creative art-direction. Luke has a strong passion for design and storytelling combined with the ability to work across multiple mediums from print through to digital and video media.

Luke has worked on projects for clients including WWF, Earth Hour, Stephanie Alexander, The Big Issue Magazine, The Australian Greens, Zoos Victoria, Toyota, The Abbotsford Convent and The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Luke’s ideological posters have been selected for group exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and at the ‘Australian Style Vibes’ exhibition for the Stockholm Design Expo, Sweden. Luke’s poster design was recently shown as part of the AGDA Poster Annual show at the Gallery of Australian Design in Canberra and in the Australian Poster Biennale exhibition at MADA gallery in Melbourne. Luke’s work has been published in multiple — The International Journal of Visual Communication and was included in the Unit Editions Type Only tumblr archive.

Adam Kostick – Strategy Director

Historically Adam provided vision and leadership for corporate growth agendas; now he identifies deep codified insights to build movements and competitive advantage for our clients.

Adam brings a strong strategic rationale to our creative team, with over a decade’s experience brokering connections between Consumers, Not-for-Profits, SMEs, and Fortune Global 500 companies in Europe and Australia.

His knack for savvy strategic positioning and targeted audience engagement is matched only by his proclivity for dated BBC comedy and performance art of the Nevada Desert.

Adam likes meeting visionaries, pioneers, and entrepreneurs – if you want to talk about how a creative studio can help make your ideas pop (or ask what a codified insight is) he’d love to hear from you.

Ben Lagoutte – Senior Developer

Ben has a great understanding of what it takes to ensure complex digital projects can be implemented with as little fuss as possible. He is a developer who understands both the importance of the code he writes and the messages that this code presents.

Many start-ups and small organisations can find the online ‘world’ a minefield. Ben enjoys the challenge of creating pathways through this world for clients, allowing them to stay in control of their projects, ensuring their vision is reached.

Ben is a multifaceted developer who works comfortably across both the more tangible world of front-end development and the incredibly complex maze that can be back-end coding. Amazingly, Ben does this while also communicating directly with clients, understanding that jargon is just that.

Oh – and if you’re keen to get on Ben’s best side simply drop the words “coffee” “cheese” or “red wine” into a phone call (yes …he has french heritage).

Our Extended Family

Outside of the the senior team we have a wonderful collection of talented collaborators and contractors who are a core part of our our family. They look at words, pictures or moving images with us, and always have our back. Although we like to keep everything in-house we know there are only so many hours in the day, so if your project requires some additional hands, or minds, we’ll make sure the right person is here for you along the way.